• Innovation Lab Collaborative Innovation at the edge. A space designed for Collaborative Innovation. Designed for complex, changing environments, Innovation Lab draws people together and engages them, sharing their expertise to create pre-specified client outcomes, new products and services, new insights, new business
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    Innovation Lab
  • Foresight Lab Foresight Lab Collaborative Exploration of Emergent Opportunities. A collaborative space designed for exploring emerging futures. Drawing on the industry expertise and corporate knowledge of the group, enabling them with Strategic Foresight tools and techniques, and additional future trends from Convergence Scanning, this process
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  • Culture Lab Deep Inspirational Change designed to deliver. A collaborative space designed to assist people and organisations to shift mindsets, perspectives, paradigms. Focusing on the opportunities created by innovative organisational cultures, Culture Lab enables individual and corporate values and visions to be integrated.
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    Culture Lab
  • Learning Lab Learning Lab Deep focused learning. A collaborative space for focused self-directed learning in action. Learning lab processes provides opportunities for deep, incidental and self-managed lifelong learning. Fully integrated with organisational and leadership development programs to deliver client-specified outcomes. Self-directed work activities are structured
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Catalyst for Change


92% of CEOs are aware they need to innovate but only 50% are doing something about it. We can help you start the process, focusing on delivered value and return on innovation investment.

Culture Change

How do you integrate strategy so that staff really start to achieve the results they should? How do I build an innovation or sustainability culture so that our organisation thrives in complex and rapidly changing environments?

Value Catalyst

How do you discover hidden value in your organisation, your capabilities, assets, opportunities? Using structured processes Future Journeys can help you identify and develop latent value, turning ideas into money.

About Us

Future Journeys is devoted to assisting organisations to recognise and understand the future. A leader in experiential learning and deep learning processes, Future Journeys will support you while your company gains the competencies necessary to thrive in the future. Future-focused competencies will help you to deliver new products, new services, and new processes.


Clients testimonials

“A very interesting exercise. The best of all leadership weekends.”

Michelle C, European Business School London