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Pervasive Games

Pervasive Games as action learning

Future Journeys specialises in Simulation Games, both for entertainment and learning.

Future Journeys is working with colleagues to develop pervasive games – games played in the real world using communications media: phones, internet, public webcams, to create a game space and game play. We are excited by the opportunities offered to explore the globe with each other using these pervasive technologies. The serious side to this of course is the opportunity to use global learning environments to develop futures skills and foresight collaboratively. From an isolated village like St Briavels Castle to the global village…….

Simulations and Role playing games as Action learning

Janine is part of a national group established to explore the strength of action learning in behavioural learning – deep long-term learning. Comprised of both distinguished academics and innovative practitioners, this group is involved in making Australia a leading innovator in deep learning. The sideline of this of course is that it makes learning fun and immersive.

The Future Journeys Serious Games Lab Team comprises of young people from diverse backgrounds, such as design, art, IT, social media and events. This collaboration offers opportunities for creativity which resulted in the design and production of various serious games.

Games by Future Journeys

We have created the following Games in 2009:

A Race Against Time
a serious pervasive game, played on 10 May 2009 in Sydney as part of the Vibewire e-Festival of Ideas. Participants needed to find secret agents and find clues to save the world.
see more…

CSI Ultimo
was designed as part of the Ultimo Science Festival with the purpose to engage attendees more with the themes of the festival. Therefore CSI (Creative Science Investigation) Ultimo was played out as a hunt for scientific clues within the spaces of the Ultimo Science Festival (ABC Building, TAFE, UTS, Powerhouse Museum) which led to the final revealing of a world-changing scientific projectsee more…

Live Scientists 2020 (Live Futures 2020)
as part of Live Futures 2020 festival in 2009, organised by Global Youth Futures and supported by Future Journeys, Live Scientists 2020 was designed as QR code based game. Participants used their web-enabled phones to scan the codes once they found the scientists by following the clues given.

Decipher Code 2020 by Lucy Wang (Live Futures 2020)
Lucy designed this interactive installation for our the annual Live Futures 2020 festival.
“Decipher code 2020, was an ‘experiential design’ translation of the scientific processes of gene function analysis (sequencing and micro-array) conducted within the UNSW Ramaciotti centre.” (Lucy Wang)see more
The following video about the Live Futures 2020 festival in 2009 includes an explanation of Lucy’s project at the beginning:

Serious Games Lab Team:

Janine Cahill BA MCom CPA

is a Sydney-based innovation and foresight consultant with special expertise in developing experiential innovation leadership programs and working with deep forms of learning. She has worked in strategy, innovation, organizational development and leadership since 1988.

Janine has developed strategy and implementation programs at corporate and business-unit levels. She won an Australian national award for strategy in 1990 and has been involved in change management of technology, process and culture changes over many years, following an early career in consumer, commercial and corporate finance.

An expert in organizational development and experiential learning, Janine has designed Leadership, Foresight and Innovation programs, futures events, business simulations and mixed reality “serious” games. Inspiring clients to interact with the future in meaningful ways releases them to create and innovate: new ways of doing business, new products and services, new growth. Interacting with the future enables clients to think in new ways with new insight, building organizational capability and long-term growth.

Janine has been designing “serious” games for twenty years, with simulations extending from half an hour to forty eight hours. She designs experiences that shift paradigms. She puts people in places they have never dreamed and helps them thrive through challenge after challenge. From teams in 2024 grappling with rampant biomedical ethics issues to finance technology teams in 2014 designing new products and services to communities in remote Indian villages on mobile platforms and arguing strategies and finance delivery mechanisms.

She built a prototype of a pervasive serious game Can you lead in a World Without Borders? Which was played at Interactive Entertainment 07 and at Blacktown Youth Arts Festival at ICE Information and Cultural Exchange 08.

With hands-on experience in the finance, energy, consulting, small business advisory, higher education, and NGO industries, Janine has built a number of organisations from scratch and understands the challenges facing businesses of all sizes.

Ms Cahill headed the Strategic Management program at European Business School London and taught Futures Thinking and Innovation and Creativity Leadership at Institute for Executive Development (Madrid MBA program) in London. She has degrees in psychology and finance and is a qualified CPA.

Janine has her own creative and innovation practices. Working in the innovation space where futures, business, technology and art converge, Janine is collaborating globally on a number of projects for the purpose of deepening the experience of the future today. Seeing the future first, feeling it, touching it, creating it. She co-created and co-produced Live Futures 2020: A World Without Borders a futures festival in Victoria Park in Sydney in 2007 and co-produce the second festival Live Futures 2020: A World of Possibility: Science Technology and Innovation Moving Australia forward with funding from the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. Janine also runs an innovation network with a monthly event Foresight Innovation and Sustainability Hothouse FISH@6 with themes from social and digital media, Sustainable Design, Youth Innovation, and an Innovation Climate Challenge in May.

International conferences workshops, panels and presentations included in 2007 The Thinking conference in Sweden and The World Future Society conference in Minneapolis, and the Interactive Entertainment conference in Melbourne. Previous years available on request. She speaks on foresight, new media, learning and thinking: simulations and games and their implications for business strategy and innovation.

Michelle Vandermeer

is a Sydney-based designer whose work currently encompasses graphic design, photography, art, product design, book design/binding, and the design of urban games/events. Her career path had its early beginnings in Architecture, and has also included art teaching, visual merchandising, commissioned artworks, and freelance design, eventually culminating in her now full-time profession: graphic design.

After six years of university education and design training, Michelle has completed two degrees – a Bachelor of Built Environment majoring in Architecture (Qld University of Technology), and a Bachelor of Design majoring in Graphic Design (Griffith University Qld College of Art).

Since graduating in 2004, she has travelled extensively, including a recent move to Sydney, where she now works part-time as a design director in a Surry Hills studio whilst also managing her own freelance design practice. Since being in Sydney, Michelle has also developed a line of handmade products and stationery under the brand Shelbyville, an off-spin of her blog of 5 years. Shelbyville now incorporates several online retail stores and a designer/maker market venture, and Shelbyville products are stocked in retail stores around Australia.

Her free time (when she gets it) is spent photographing, exploring the urban environment, binding books, painting, illustrating, and generally designing and making things.

Rachel Beaney

works in the digital media industry, specialising in social media, with a background in website development. Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Writing and Cultural Studies, with a focus in poetry and digital media, and interactive stories.
She has been involved in the creation of several games working with the Future Journeys Serious Games Lab  and looks forward to applying her creative and technical skills to a future challenge.

Jana Wunderlich

is a Sydney-based Event Manager with a passion to connect people and cultures through shared experiences which she brings to the events she organises both as a freelancer and as an employee.

Jana grew up in Germany where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, specialised in Hotel Management. Several years of international hospitality experience brought her to Sydney, Australia where her interest in the Event Industry led her to complete a Master of Management in Event Management.

While she was involved in large scale events such as World Youth Day, Sydney Festival and Breakfast on the Bridge, she thoroughly enjoys organising events for small organisations and having a real impact on community building and social capital while assisting small businesses to stage more professional and cost-effective events.

Jana became involved in the Future Journeys Serious Games Lab while working for Future Journeys and thoroughly enjoys working in this team with such diverse skills to create interactive experiences in a different from the events environment as well as developing her creativity.

Lucy Wang

Eve Baker